Our Vision

In our work, we see before us the vision, inherited by Lipa Yahalom and Dan Tzur, out of their great love for the land of Israel and the human spirit – for man made landscapes.

We believe that the role of the landscape architect is to educate, not in words, but by creating and setting an example of professional dignity and modesty, leadership and influence on processes and design trends.

We see landscape architecture as a holistic creation, which draws from the natural-urban complex and creates an environment which was meant to be inseparable part of nature while adapting to sustainable design which considers the environment and promotes natural processes. 

We focus on the human experience, as well as on a coherent, inspiring creation which expresses beauty and aesthetics. We believe that a harmonic ambience can make a people change their attitude toward their environment and society.

We try to stay updated and suit for each project, its best design, while remaining flexible and going with contemporary trends. This process leads us to a continuous research and a never-ending search for creative solutions which are tailored for the environment, the genius loci and the spirit of time.

We insist on a quality product, suited to the client's demands with a careful attention to maintenance conditions and budget in order to create a solution to a wide range of conditions and restrictions – a solution which maintains its quality and improves with age.

We believe in quality of design and construction with optimal efficiency and meeting deadlines together with a long and fruitful dialog between the client and the design team.

Our roots are planted in the heritage ground of the founders, who wondered about the meaning of our role as landscape designers in Israel and abroad. We outline our ongoing search for the fulfillment of our vision in the land and landscape, while adjusting to the changing needs of our environment. We are moving toward the future with a young, dynamic team who considers the fulfillment of the vision a professional and personal challenge.